Benefits of Hot Shower

Benefits of Hot Shower Simply getting your body showered by hot water could be an amazing treatment for calming your mind. Just imagine how nice is it to have your body touched by hot water after working so hard during the day. At least you can move the tiredness away and there are still some other benefits you can get for your health from just getting hot showering.

1. Making You Feel Better

2. Cleaning the Pores and Skin

3. Treating Headaches

4. Relaxing Your Body

5. Helping the Blood Circulation Improved

6. Relieving Flu and Coughs

7. Building Your Body

8. Giving You a Better Sleep

9. Healing Ached Muscles

10. Cutting Your Weight

11. Relieving Pain

12. Treating High Blood Pressure

13. Improving the Health of Your Hair

14. Getting Your Body Protected

15. Keeping Your Skin Moisturized

16. Relieving Menstrual Cramps

17. Treating Itches

18. Fighting Migraines

19. Opening Stuffy Nose

20. Becoming an Easy Warming Up

21. Opening the Lungs

22. Preventing Infection

23. Removing Toxins

24. Dealing with Arthritis

25. Helping Wounds Healed Faster

Hot Shower Side Effects Just because hot shower is full of many benefits doesn’t mean that it is fully, completely healthy. There are still some other side effects to pay attention so that you won’t take the shower too much and too long such as;

-Lowering Blood Pressure. Although hot water can be good for the blood flow, it can be bad for the blood pressure. Hypotension might happen as the blood vessels dilating due to the heat from the water. Even when you are healthy without cardiovascular disease, such condition can make your heart work harder and faster resulting in a straining situation.

-Experiencing Nausea

-Light hotheadedness

-Exposing Your Body to Chlorine.

This can be dangerous for your health as warm water is potential in exposing your skin to chlorine due to its ability in opening the pores. Once the pores are opened when you are taking a hot shower, the chlorine from the shower’s steam can easily enter your body through the pores. -Drying Out the Skin. Although hot water is able in cleansing and moisturizing your skin properly, exposing the skin to hot water too long can lead to dryness.

Dr,Sippasini Barhey, Cr. พ.อ. สุรเทพ อภัยจิตรม, Hanna MED

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